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Killing Horses is the story of an ordinary American mother who was determined to learn what had sickened her family, killed her animals, and demolished her business. Her tenacious pursuit of answers took her down desolate country trails, onto barren banks of the Mississippi river, into hotbeds of toxic chemicals, and through the convoluted channels of the legal system. Shocking and painful, this melancholy work reads like mystery fiction - but sadly, it is not.

Killing Horses is an exhaustively documented work that will be of great interest to parents, horse lovers, and environmentalists.

Interwoven with outrageous acts of one of the country's greatest polluters and the chemical companies that paid him, the sad effects of toxins on a young family, the horrific deaths of horses and pets, and the demise of a Missouri town... it is hard to believe.

Check out the review by Linda Austin on (St. Louis).

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